SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The city of San Francisco announcing its plan to bring more summer concerts to Golden Gate Park. The two-to-three-day event would be held on the weekend following the annual Outside Lands Festival that typically takes place in August.

Outside Lands is always a busy time for Golden Gate Parith the thought of more concerts. People who live nearby have mixed views.

Neighbors of Golden Gate Park have complained over the years about the noise, traffic and trash from the annual Outside Lands Music Festival.

“It’s pretty bad I sometimes leave town. I leave town,” said San Francisco resident Diane Aurelius. “The bass can be incredibly loud and throbbing, and I find it very annoying.”

On Friday, the city of San Francisco announced its plan to bring more summer concerts to golden gate park. The two-to-three-day event would be held on the weekend following the Outside Lands Festival, which usually takes place in August.

Neighbors shared their thoughts.

“I think it’s terrible with all the traffic. San Francisco is already jammed,” said another resident.

“I think if it were acoustic I would be all for it,” Aurelius said. “Acoustic with a picnic vibe and starting at noon and ending at five, something that doesn’t interfere with people’s lives too much.”

The proposed event would feature a single headliner — instead of multiple headliners. It would be limited to the Polo Fields with a capacity of 65,000 people rather than 75,000.

Mayor London Breed says more concerts would help the local economy.

“I know the city likes the money, but it’s not for the people who live around here. Not good.”

“I’m not against music, obviously, I’m a musician, but I think music is a great thing, getting people together is a great thing, sonically speaking for the neighbors and the animals and sensitive people I have a problem with that,” Aurelius said.

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The proposed concerts would be held from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. Like every year, a hotline would be available for residents to address concerns.

The board of supervisors is scheduled to vote to approve the plan next week. If approved, the concerts would begin next year.