SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) — One assemblymember has introduced a new bill that would make it easier for drivers to spot pedestrians and bicyclists.

The Daylight Bill, proposed by Assemblymember Alex Lee, would prohibit vehicles from being parked within 20 feet of a marked crosswalk. “When you are coming down the street and there is a car there, you won’t be able to see a person or pedestrian. Having that open I think is a good idea,” said Veena Jayaranchou, pedestrian.

43 other states have implemented a version of the bill and it saves lives. “The best example is Hoboken, New Jersey, hasn’t had a pedestrian death in over 5 years, large part due to a variety of things. One of the big ones is “Daylight”,” said Marc Vukcevich, Streets for All transportation advocacy organization.

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Last year San Jose set a record for roadway deaths. Thirty-two pedestrians were killed in 2022, an issue the city is desperately trying to fix.

If the bill passes the assembly, cities and counties would have a year to make changes at crosswalks or intersections.