FAIRFIELD, Calif. (KRON) – New body cam video released Monday shows the moment a Fairfield police officer body-slams a mom to the ground knocking her unconscious. 

On Sunday, KRON4 first showed you a cell phone video of the incident that happened in October. 

On Monday, Fairfield police said the moment happened when Diana Santos resisted attempts to be placed into handcuffs and an officer took her to the ground. 

In the process, her head hit the pavement, and she lost consciousness.

The family says it called the police, after a fight between Santos’ daughter and her boyfriend.

According to 911 calls, a neighbor reported a man having a knife. 

The boyfriend of Santos’ daughter is detained on the curb, her daughter placed into the back of a patrol car. 

When another daughter tries to talk to her sister, the scene intensifies quickly. 

“This type of brutality needs to stop and it needed to stop 50 years ago,” John Ambrosio said.

John Ambrosio is representing Santos in her criminal case and says there was no need for the officer’s actions. 

“I don’t see how 30 seconds before, 1 minute before, 5 minutes before or even after, shows how that level of force was justified and as my client’s husband is holding her head, while she’s unconscious the police officer admits, I didn’t intend to do that,” Ambrosio said.

Santos was treated and released at the hospital but says she still feels the impacts months later. 

Ambrosio is now working with the Solano County District Attorney’s office to get two charges filed against her in this incident dismissed. 

He hopes this can be a lesson that law enforcement can learn from.

“Viewing the community more as us versus them would go a long way in these types of interactions. When a simple interaction turns a very violent, or god forbid an officer-involved shooting,” Ambrosio said.

KRON4 did reach out to Fairfield police to see if any internal investigations were taken, or if that officer was disciplined. 

So far, we have yet to hear back from them.  

The department says no formal complaints were ever filed from this incident. 

We do know the family has filed a civil suit against the city of Fairfield, and the police department.