(KRON) — New video and details were released on the Mario Gonzalez case. He was the young man that died in police custody in the city of alameda nearly one year ago.

Gonzalez’s family is suing the city and the officers involved. A warning, the video above may be alarming to watch. Officers attempted to discover how and why Gonzalez had so much alcohol in possession when he died.

Initially calm, then quickly becoming chaotic that’s what new video released by the city of alameda shows in the homicide case of Mario Gonzalez.

“We don’t want you to fall. Please don’t resist us,” is what can be heard on video. Police responded after a neighbor called 911 about a strange man in their yard.

Appearing intoxicated and pulling a cart full of these newly released photos of alcohol, the officers called for a physical wrap to take Gonzalez into custody after he resisted handcuffs. A part of newly released documents cites a city ordinance stating it is legal to be drunk in public.

However, while on the ground, waiting for the restraint Gonzalez passed out. The video graphically shows a police officer attempting life-saving efforts until an ambulance arrives. Crews took him to the hospital where he later died.

“It looked appropriate to me,” someone said on camera.

As part of the crime scene log released- officers spoke with residents and collected data including surveillance video showing Gonzalez at neighboring stores.

A security guard at a nearby Safeway gave a statement saying Gonzalez often stole alcohol. A coroner’s report found his death was a homicide, but that drugs, alcohol, and obesity contributed.

Recently the District Attorney announced, that the officers would not be criminally charged, citing the evidence does not justify criminal charges. Currently, the officers remain on administrative leave, as an external investigation continues.