(KRON) – One of the effects of the coronavirus pandemic has been a new slew of health and safety innovations.

People and companies have come up with in-demand inventive ways to stay safe. Our health expert, Karen Owoc, shares some of these gadgets — ranging from nifty to high-tech.

1. ”Immutouch” Vibrating Bracelet

The Problem: Touching your face.

The Invention: This smartband vibrates every time you touch your face.

Cost: $50

2. BART Personal Hand Straps

The Problem: Holding onto high-touch, potentially contaminated surfaces.

The Invention: A strap to eliminate transmission points. This strap provides the rider with something to hang onto during the BART ride which can be taken home to clean after each trip.

Cost: Initial free giveaway, but available for purchase for $5+ tax.

3. Hot Logic® Lunchbox (Portable Personal Mini Oven)

The Problem: The desire for a hot lunch, but the elimination of a shared office microwave.

The Invention: A lunchbox that doubles as an oven.

Cost: $50 (on sale for $40 now)

4. UV Sanitizer for Phone

The Problem: The cell phone is 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat.

The Invention: A compartment that showers a cell phone with disinfecting UV-C light.

5. Door Opener Tool

The Problem: Touching high-touch dirty, contaminated surfaces, such as public doors, store checkouts, shared buttons, touchscreens.

The Solution: A metal, easy-to-carry hook to keep hands clean.

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