(KRON) – The World Travel and Tourism Council is projecting domestic tourism to reach pre-pandemic levels this year. There is a new way to hit the road this summer… in a high-tech campervan.

The two-and-a-half-year-old company that makes the vehicles is called Cabana. It is the self-proclaimed “modern high-tech campervan.”

“I think people want a different way to travel now,” said Scott Kubly, CEO of Cabana.   

Kubly says a Cabana fits two people and drives like a large SUV, with the comforts of a hotel room. There is a shower, toilet, queen-sized bed and a full kitchen that comes out of the back of the van. 

Cabana guides also take care of all the logistics of the trip, by booking the campsites. Everything is contactless — users book it all online with an app. Kubly promises it is straightforward even for the tech challenged traveler.

“With a click of a button, ask someone to plan a trip that never done before and take care of all the hard parts of travel. Make it really easy and appealing,” he said.

Cabana is already in Seattle and Los Angeles and will be available in San Francisco in September. From the seasoned RV user to a newbie, Cabana wants customers to use vacation days and get out in nature.

“Most people have never used a campervan before in their lives. Seventy percent have never, another 25 percent have done once it is really built for the people who have aspired to do this but didn’t feel comfortable taking the leap,” Kubly said.

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Cabana’s San Francisco fleet will start late this summer with 20 campervans, with the goal to get to 50 by the end of the year.