REDWOOD CITY (KRON) – Scott Peterson’s chance for a new trial weighs on one juror named Richelle Nice — also known as Strawberry Shortcake. 

Nice agreed to testify after being granted immunity by the prosecution. 

There’s claims she was biased during the initial trial because she was a domestic violence victim. She will take the stand today and her hearing is going to be centered on whether she lied about her history with domestic violence to get on a jury so she could vote to convict Peterson. 

During the trial, Nice’s distinctive red-dyed hair earned her the Strawberry Shortcake moniker.

Nice failed to mention during jury selection that she sought a restraining order while she was pregnant in 2000. 

She said she feared for her unborn child because of threats made from her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend.

She also did not say her boyfriend beat her in 2001 while she was pregnant with another child. 

The hearing is expected to last a week and may include testimony from other jurors who co-authored a book about the case, a magazine reporter, and some filmmakers. 

Peterson was on trial for murdering his pregnant wife and unborn son 20 years ago. Laci Peterson was killed when she was eight months pregnant. 

Investigators say on Christmas Eve back in 2002, Scott dumped his wife’s body from his fishing boat into San Francisco Bay. 

Police eventually arrested Peterson after a massage therapist said they began dating a month before Laci died. 

She said Peterson told her his wife was dead. 

Peterson’s attorney says this hearing is critical. It’s set to begin around 10 a.m.