SANTA CRUZ COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) — A new photo was released by officials on Thursday from the Watsonville plane crash last month that killed three people. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)’s photo shows the two planes colliding midair as they were set to land at Watsonville Municipal Airport.

Photo from the crash in Watsonville on Aug. 18 (National Transportation Safety Board).

The photo was released as part of a preliminary NTSB report on the fatal crash.

The incident happened on Aug. 18 around 2:55 p.m. when two pilots and a passenger died after both airplanes were destroyed. Seconds before the crash, the pilot of the Cessna 152 (smaller single-engine plane) told the pilot of the Cessna 340 (larger twin-engine plane) he was going to go around him “because you are coming up on me pretty quick.

Those were one of the final words said between the two pilots before the crash, according to audio from the incident obtained by KRON4.

Last month, KRON4 obtained video showing debris falling from the sky due to the crash. Towards the end of the video, an explosion could be seen as a result of the crash.

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Watsonville is a city in Santa Cruz County. It is about 20 miles west of Gilroy, the southernmost city of the Bay Area.