SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – Sunday is the last day for people to visit and walk around the green at the Presidio Golf Course in San Francisco before it opens back up to golfers.

Golfers are sure to be eager to get back on the course starting Monday, but for families who have been enjoying the closed golf course, I’m sure they are going to miss it. 

Families have been out here enjoying the nice weather.

There are some new rules that will go into effect once the golf course opens back up.

New rules:

  • Six feet of physical distancing is required.
  • Golfers can’t enter the golf shop 
  • Golfers must wear face coverings while checking in 
  • One person per golf cart 
  • No rental clubs available 
  • Cups have been raised above ground
  • Do not remove or touch flag sticks 
  • All rake and ball washers have been removed

KRON4 talked with the Presidio Golf Course Managing Director Don Chelemedos about the reopening: 

“Prior to the shutdown, you would book your time and come into the golf shop. We would have that interaction in person. Now its completely touchless and over the phone. If you’d like to hit golf balls. what we’ve done is closed every other stall on the driving range. Instead of our stalls being eight feet apart, you’ll now be sixteen feet apart,” Chelemedos said.

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