(KRON) — A new toll has been approved for Highway 37, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) confirmed to KRON4 Thursday. The toll locations are between the Sonoma Raceway and Mare Island.

The tolls are part of a larger project called the “Sears Point Mare Island Improvement Project.” In addition to the tolls, a carpool lane will be added in both directions to what is currently a one-lane road.

The tolls will cost $4 and will be in effect for both eastbound and westbound travelers. The carpool lane will be free.

“If we don’t do this, then there is no improvements. It will save money because time is money,” said John Goodwin with the MTC.

The area can get extremely congested during rush hour. It can take more than 80 minutes to get through the 10-mile stretch. The MTC hopes that will shrink to 20 minutes with the new lane and tolls.

The tolls are intended to provide funding for improving the highway. They are expected to bring in $100 million, which will make up some of the $430 million total cost of the project.

The tolls will not go into effect until the project is completed, which is expected to be in 2027. There will be an option to apply for financial relief based on income level.