RICHMOND, Calif. (KRON) — All the damp weather the Bay Area will be dealing with this week might mean you’re looking for an indoor activity — maybe even one that takes you to out of this world.

There’s a new virtual reality exhibit on the Richmond waterfront, and it’s bringing outer space back down to Earth.

“It’s almost as if you’re experiencing a little piece of history of what happens in space,” said Felix Lajeunesse of Felix and Paul Studios.

A 40-minute journey, through the International Space Station. “Space Explorers: THE INFINITE” uses cinematic virtual reality to put visitors on board with NASA astronauts.

“We filmed for almost 3 years in space,” Lajeunesse said.

Felix and Paul is one of the producing teams behind the experience. The team worked with the ISS and NASA to put VR cameras throughout the space station — filming more than 200 hours of footage.

Once you put on your headset, every inch of your body looks like it’s glowing. As you step into the virtual ISS, visitors are met with glowing orbs to touch and transport you through different scenes of life in outer space

“It was absolutely sublime, you know that you’re standing on the ground but you felt like you were out there with them,” said Stuart Aldridge who was visiting from Montreal.

The experience is broken up into four chapters, with a final front-row view of astronauts on a space walk.

“It was cool you’re like that close to the astronauts,” Aldridge said. “They’re doing their jobs, yet in the middle of nowhere space super cool.”

Allowing the average person to understand a little bit better what life must be like so far from home

One thing that is universal from all astronauts I’ve talked with about their experience in space is when they come back photos won’t do the experience justice.

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“They sense it was an attempt or possibility to really capture the experience in a fully immersive format that then gives people back here on Earth the feeling that they too are a protagonist of that great story which is the journey of human space flight,” Lajeunesse said.

Space Explorers: THE INFINITE is located at the Craneway pavilion along the Richmond waterfront.

Following the ISS VR experience, visitors can take a walk through an immersive art experience as well. Tickets are on sale through November, but organizers plan to be operational through the new year.