CASTRO VALLEY, Calif. (KRON) — Nineteen elderly patients were rescued from a flooded senior-care facility on Saturday, and they spent two days in a church nearby, KRON4 has confirmed.

After Castro Valley received multiple inches of rain on Friday and Saturday, flooding overtook the Fern Lodge nursing facility located on Madison Avenue. ACFD and the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office both responded to the scene to assist with the rescue.

A photo shared by ACFD from the scene shows the seniors, some in wheelchairs, and some using walkers, resting in a chapel. An official with Fern Lodge Inc. tells KRON4 that the facility has an agreement with a local church for emergencies, and the patients spent two nights at the church after the flooding.

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Another photo shows the van apparently used to transport some of the patients from one location to another. All patients have since returned to the Fern Lodge facility, according to the official.

With two to three more inches of rain forecasted for the Castro Valley area this Wednesday, the facility is preparing for more flooding. Fern Lodge tells KRON4 that there is a plan in place to prevent the need for an emergency evacuation this week, and the facility is now well-prepared with sandbags in place. The facility did not sustain any major damages, and it will not require repairs, according to the official.