(KRON) — Six months after a Martinez refinery released toxic dust into nearby neighborhoods, Contra Costa County health officials say there is no lingering effects to the soil.

Officials who collected and analyzed the soil samples say the bigger risk was in the first hours and days after the toxic dust release occurred. The public is now being told it safe to eat vegetables from their gardens again after being advised not to consume them back in March.

During Thursday’s committee meeting, it was made clear that some people are still upset over the toxic dust release and the refinery’s failure to notify the county about it.

“These results do not excuse the Martinez Refining Company for the lack of notification at the onset of this incident,” said Matthew Kaufmann, Contra Costa County Deputy Health Director. “The lack of timely notification negated our ability as health officials to protect our community, including those most vulnerable.”

There are still ongoing investigations into the refinery’s accident by the Contra Costa County DA and the FBI.