SUNNYVALE, Calif. (KRON) – There is wide concern that hospitals around the Bay Area could see a surge in coronavirus patients during April.  

In the South Bay, a non profit is working to make sure medical professionals have the equipment they need if that surge hits.  

Doctors, nurses and health professionals who are working with coronavirus patients wear personal protective equipment, which includes gowns, face masks, gloves and face shields. 

There’s a concern that if there’s a surge in patients in the days and weeks ahead that there could be a shortage of that personal protective equipment.  

In Sunnyvale, a group called Maker Nexus is working on 3D printing face shields that are being given to hospitals for free. 

Maker Nexus says that they’ve gotten all their members together and they’re producing between 500 and 1,000 face shields per day. 

They say they have orders for about 13,000 face shields so it could take them a couple of weeks to fill all those requests.

In the South Bay, the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center is hoping to get several thousand of the face shields before that surge hits.

“What I’m hearing is we get potentially 3,000 of these face Shields which again during our current burn rate is highly sufficient. But what we want is a good stockpile in case we get into a surge situation,” Dr. Sanjay Kurani said.

Maker Nexus is having trouble getting the raw material, the plastic, that they need to make these face shields. 

They say that stuff is in high demand right now because of the coronavirus and they’re hoping that folks would be willing to donate. 

You can reach out to them if you’re willing to help out.

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