Bay Area children’s museum director fired after video shows him trying to meet minor

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SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) – CuriOdyssey, a museum in San Mateo, announced Thursday it has fired Carl Oosterman, the director of education, effective immediately.

This after San Jose police were investigating Oosterman after video surfaced online appearing to show him trying to meet up with a minor. 

“Last week we learned about a deeply disturbing incident that involved Mr. Oosterman at an offsite location outside of work hours. The incident was brought to our attention by a private watchdog group that is not part of our organization or law enforcement.”

“It is our understanding that a person affiliated with this private group posed as a minor on a social media platform and communicated with Mr. Oosterman on his personal cell phone about a meeting. A person affiliated with this group then confronted and videotaped Mr. Oosterman at the local department store where the meeting with a minor was to take place. At this time, we are not privy to the ntext messages Mr. Oosterman allegedly exchanged with the person affiliated with the watchdog group.”

CuriOdyssey via Facebook

53-year-old Carl Oosterman was confronted on July 6th when he showed up at a grocery store in San Jose for the encounter, which was posted to social media by CC Unit, a California group that poses as minors to catch online predators.

Carl Oosterman worked with children​ at CuriOdyssey in San Mateo since the early 2000s.

The museum and zoo had earlier put out a statement on social media saying Oosterman was placed on administrative leave.

In the video posted online, Oosterman admits to wrongdoing when CC Unit caught him on camera saying he planned to meet up with a 14-year-old boy.

Instead of meeting the minor, he met a man who goes by “Ghost” with the CC Unit.

“Ghost” is the one behind the camera in the video. The CC Unit has been posing as minors online since 2018 to catch predators and then videotape the adults who show up.

Before the video was posted, Oosterman was listed as the director of education since 2004 at CuriOdyssey.

Apparently, Oosterman also led educational camping trips with children. Oosterman’s been highlighted on other websites like community resources for science which works with elementary and middle school children.

In other videos and cases posted by the CC Unit, arrests have been made on the spot. 

However, Oosterman is seen walking away and then driving off at the end of this video. 

San Jose police say they’re currently investigating this case with Carl Oosterman, however, they haven’t arrested him at this point.

The CC Unit hopes any potential victims come forward to the police.

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