(KRON) — A rope noose that was discovered earlier this week hanging in the parking lot of the Kaiser Medical Offices in Gilroy was not intended to be a symbol of hate or racial animus, according to police. The Gilroy Police Department was alerted about the rope on Feb. 27 at 10 a.m., the department said. Officers responded to the scene and found rope that appeared to be a noose hanging from a tree.

An investigation was initiated, and after a thorough review of surveillance footage, police determined that the rope was not placed on the tree to be a symbol of hate or facial animus. “There is no evidence to suggest that it was placed there with any ill intent,” police said.

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Surveillance footage from the scene reportedly showed that the rope was placed there by an individual to propel himself up a tree to cut down branches and leaves that would have normally been out of reach. The rope was inadvertently left on the tree afterwards, according to police.

“While this incident was determined not to be a hate crime, it is important to recognize the potential impact that such a symbol can have on our community,” police said. “Police will continue to monitor the area and encourage anyone who observes suspicious activity to report it to the authorities.”