SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — A University of San Francisco student has been removed from university housing after admittedly hanging a noose on their campus balcony.

But members of the student-body are not satisfied with the university’s response.

In an already racially charged environment on campus and across the United States, University of San Francisco students dismayed by this display.

A noose hanging on a 4th floor balcony in Loyola Village.

An on-campus housing complex designated for students transitioning to an independent life off-campus.

“Just to know that this had occurred at a university that claims to be a social justice university, and not only that — but that we’ve had a similar incident four years ago has been really upsetting,” Bella Dickson said.

At least two African American students noticed and reported the noose Tuesday.

Campus public safety responded and had it removed.

The university says the student responsible admitted to creating and hanging the noose.

They have now been barred from living on campus.

“It surprises me, because the first thing I thought, is like, you would have to go out of your way to go get those items and actually go and display it outside on the balcony and for just everyone to see,” Abby Tecson said.

The Black Student Union says it is disappointed in the university’s response.

The campus was not notified of the incident until a day later.

BSU President Brianna Johnson says the student in question should also be identified.

“We could potentially have been in a situation around them and been harmed and not known what we were being around,” Johnson said.

Johnson says the student should also be expelled.

“I want him out — yes,” Johnson said. “As does the Black Student Union.”

The university’s chief diversity officer understands the frustration, adding though that the student is entitled to due-process and a hearing.

“We are looking at everything in a gesture of love and support to our students to let them know that we understand the seriousness of this incident,” Mary Wardell-Ghirarduzzi said.

A symbol of hate and anti-Black racism offensive to so many.