SAN RAFAEL, Calif. (KRON) – In the North Bay, concerns about the impending storm prompted a business to shut down for the day, and the CHP issued a warning: If you don’t have to go out, don’t.  

One section of Highway 101 in Larkspur right before the turn-off for the San Rafael-Richmond Bridge is always a problem when heavy rains hit. The water gets deep, and cars can go sideways easily. A section like that, and the weather reports about this enormous storm about to hit, are spurring action.

“Closed for the day” is the plan here for the 17 employees at Arizmendi Bakery in San Rafael. It is all in response to the next big storm expected to slam the Bay Area Wednesday.

“We took a vote and many were worried about going over the bridge to get here from the East Bay, and it wasn’t worth the risk for a pizza,” said Charlie Hartford with the bakery. Although disappointed, customers seemed to understand.

California Highway Patrol spokesperson Andy Barclay says the agency is deeply concerned about the latest weather reports. So many areas are still saturated. More water will just mean more potentially dangerous conditions.  

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“If you don’t have to go in and commute then we are recommending you don’t, and this is a rare ask,” he said.

Officer Barclay adds to be prepared. If you go out, have a full tank of gas, good tires, supplies, and keep it slow.

“Number one cause of accidents is speed, so go the speed of the conditions,” he said.

He also adds to make sure you turn on the headlights in the rain. That way your backlights are on as well to alert drivers when conditions are tough to see out there.