SAN RAFAEL, Calif. (KRON) — Gas prices in the North Bay went up 26 cents overnight Wednesday, according to AAA. It’s the highest jump seen so far in the Bay Area.

In San Rafael, gas prices are now sitting at a Bay Area high of $6.07 on average after jumping 26 cents between Wednesday and Thursday. One San Rafael gas station Thursday morning showed unleaded was selling for $6.39. San Francisco and Santa Rosa trail San Rafael in high prices. The lowest average price in the Bay Area is in San Jose, coming in at $5.88

Gov. Gavin Newsom speaks up on rising gas prices

“People are pissed off, as am I about being ripped off by the oil companies,” Newsom said. “They’re ripping you off because they can rip you off period full stop. And they’ve gotten away with it for years and years 10s of billions of dollars out of your pocket. These guys are ripping you off.”

Newsom says oil companies are gauging the state. He points out that even with California’s gas tax and environmental regulations, the difference should be 85 cents — not more than two dollars.

Now, he’s sent a letter directing the California Energy Commission to determine whether penalties and restrictions be assessed against the oil companies.

Since Monday, the state average has risen 21 cents and is now $6.03. The increase comes just days before California is expected to switch to a winter blend of crude oil, which normally drops prices. Overall, California sits more than two bucks higher than the national average of $3.85

Experts say the increase comes from a surge in oil costs, with barrels now around $90. Refineries in California are also facing issues and maintenance, which means major markups at the pumps.

Looking for the cheapest gas prices? Apps like Gas Buddy can help. Drivers can also pay in cash, which can lower the price per gallon by 10 to 15 cents at many stations.