NOVATO, Calif. (KRON) – A North Bay school district is investigating possible racism at a high school football game.

The Novato school’s superintendent says the probe involves a Black player at Tamalpais High School who says they were targeted with racial slurs by players at San Marin High School.

The Novato Unified School’s superintendent has hired an outside investigator to look into these allegations.

Some San Marin players are accused of using hate speech during an October game at Tamalpais High School.

Parents of both schools tell KRON4 news that racism has no place in Marin County.

Players for Tamalpais High School say a member of their team had racial slurs hurled at them by players from San Marin.

Parents for both schools are disturbed by the allegations.

The accused players on the San Marin football team have denied any slurs or racism took place on the field.

The referees for the game played in Mill Valley have also said they did not notice anything.

A parent of a San Marin High School football player tells KRON4 he’s known many of the boys for a long time.

He believes this investigation will find the players did nothing wrong.

Novato school’s superintendent Jan La Torre-Derby says she hopes the investigation will be finished within the next month.

The school district has also brought in speakers to talk about racism with the San Marin football team.

If the investigation reveals wrongdoing by the players, team parents expect action to be taken.

Players on San Marin’s football team have been accused of using hate speech once before but superintendent La Torre-Derby says the allegations made by San Rafael High School players and coaches during a September game could not be verified.