(KRON) — A Lucky’s supermarket in Novato was closed Thursday due to an active infestation of rats, according to Marin County Environmental Health Services. The entire store has been closed.

As of Thursday, Lucky supermarket in Novato had a “Closed” sign from the County of Marin Environmental Health Services. A KRON4 photographer visited the market on Thursday at its 1761 Grant Ave location.

“This facility was found to have violations of the California Health and Safety Code which constitute an immediate danger to public health or safety,” the sign said. “As a result, the permit to operate has been temporarily suspended and this facility has been ordered to remain closed until a written reinstatement of the permit has been issued.”

The sign said the violation was in the “insect/rodent control” category. It was put up on Thursday.

“Closures due to pest infestations occur periodically, but not as often with large grocery stores,” a health services representative said. “Our State Food Code and Inspection Guidelines indicate whenever there is one major violation, the facility will be closed until the issue is corrected and mitigated.”

Marin County Environmental Health Services said it is working with Lucky’s and a pest management company to guide them toward reopening. In order to reopen, Lucky’s will need a facility assessment, to address any structural modifications, and to document three consecutive days of no rodent activity.

KRON4 reached out to Lucky and is awaiting a response.