(KRON) — A man was arrested after he was seen breaking the windows of a downtown Novato business with an axe, the Novato Police Department said. He was taken into custody after a standoff at his home.

Several people called police after 5 a.m. Wednesday to report seeing a man with an axe committing vandalism. The man was allegedly seen breaking the business’ windows at 1st Street and Grant Avenue and was spotted vandalizing another building near Winging Way.

An on-duty Novato Fire Protection District employee also told police that the suspect brandished an axe at them. Police identified the suspect as Bjorn Schwindt, 28, of Novato, and went to his home to perform a welfare check.

NPD officers arrived to find Schwindt pulling into his driveway. He emerged from his car holding an axe and a pipe, according to police.

Schwindt went into his home and barricaded himself inside. Some residents in the area of Sutro Avenue and Gustafson Court evacuated their homes as police negotiated with the suspect.

Schwindt surrendered peacefully at 9:03 a.m. He was hospitalized for self-inflicted injuries. After he is released, he will be transported to Marin County Jail for assault with a deadly weapon, brandishing a deadly weapon, vandalism and resisting arrest.