A website’s domain name may be a play on words, but it has people contacting a computer hacking prevention service about killing people.

KRON4’s Haaziq Madyun spoke with the owner of the website about the disturbing discovery. 

Bob Innes is a computer data recovery specialist in Novato.  Back in 2015 he and his college friends started a computer intrusion detection business. 

They named it—Rent-A-Hitman

“If you have a wi-fi network in your business we would basically try to penetrate it, tell you what your vulnerabilities are, and work with you, your point and click solution,” Innes said. “We will resolve your issue. Point and click with a mouse.” 

He parted ways with his buddies and the site was dormant for three years. In 2008 he decided to check the email inbox and found hundreds of messages from people who were not interested in his network intrusion skills.

Innes had received messages from people all over the world looking to hire him or join the hitman business. 

When he realized the type of attention his site was getting, he put up a disclaimer making it clear that “Hitman” was a play on words. 

The second thing he did was reach out to law enforcement and give them a heads up about the messages he was receiving. 

Innes contacted a Deputy in Augusta County Virginia who confirmed they are actively working a conspiracy to solicit first degree murder case. 

The tip came from the Rent-A-Hitman website. 

“It has become a mission of mind. Over the last several years to keep the site alive,” Innis said. “I know it is saving lives and putting some pretty bad apples away” Innes said.