(KRON) – A nonprofit is preparing veterans and their spouses for a career in tech… for free. It’s called ‘N-Power’ and they have classes and job training in seven states, including programs right here in the Bay Area.

N-Power is for veterans, their spouses of any age, and young adults from underserved communities between 18 and 26 years old. I’m told all they need is a high school diploma and an interest in tech.

It’s a free course for 16 weeks – a combination of tech training and certification for careers in IT, cyber security, and cloud computing, among other things. They also help graduates land jobs.

The executive director of N-Power, Chris Starling, is a Marine corps veteran of 26 years. He served 10 overseas deployments and three combat tours.

He knows how hard transitioning to civilian life can be. People can apply at any time, but he recommends having a plan ahead of time. Starling also shared why military vets are well suited for a career in tech.

“Tech is a natural way to go for veterans. Military people have a real good idea about how to follow instructions there on time. They use initiative, and especially in the realm of cybersecurity where you are in many ways defending a network to take your mindset from defending terrain, to defending a network.”

N-power reports 80 percent of their students graduate and get jobs at companies including General Dynamics, and TD Bank.

Starling is also putting out a call to more employers who want to partner up with N-Power to help hire graduates.