SANTA ROSA (KRON) – Hundreds of nurses say they are missing thousands of dollars from their paychecks dating back to July, and some say they have even missed an entire paycheck.

This morning at 7 a.m., nurses will be picketing in front of Providence Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital.

This is a picket — not a strike. 

In July, the hospital switched payroll systems — the hospital says the majority of caregiver paychecks have been correct and a small percentage of them have experienced errors, including no payment or incorrect payment.

Under the union contract the hospital has seven days to fix payroll errors and it has now been two months. The union says there is still no corrective plan. 

Providence Northern California tells KRON4 News that it has been giving off cycle paychecks daily with correct retroactive pay and it is still working with a team to fix the overall problems.

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Providence Northern California provided a lengthy statement:

“We believe the picket which the National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW) and Staff Nurses Association (SNA) is holding on August 24 is in response to issues some of our caregivers have experienced with paychecks timed with a recent transition to a new technology platform.

It is important to know that informational pickets are not strikes, but they are a way for unions to inform and develop public support for their position. We respect the rights of our caregivers to be part of a union and to engage in this action.

In early July, Providence implemented a new enterprise resource planning system to improve administrative processes, such as human resources, supply chain, finance, timekeeping, and payroll. Previously, we used multiple systems, including some outdated technology, that resulted in a fragmented experience and required manual processes.

Since going live with the new system, the vast majority of caregiver paychecks have been issued and are correct. However, a small percentage of caregivers across the Providence family of organizations have experienced paycheck errors, including no payment, or incorrect or partial payment.

Providing accurate and timely pay is one of the most fundamental roles that Providence plays as an employer, and we take any discrepancies in paychecks or missed pay incredibly seriously. Our caregivers work selflessly to provide the care that our communities depend on, and we are deeply sorry that we have missed the mark for some individuals or that we created any kind of hardship or anxiety for caregivers and their families.

We have resolved many of identified high-priority issues. To ensure our caregivers are kept whole during this unfortunate disruption, we are running off-cycle paycheck batches daily, with the correct retroactive pay. We have also established a dedicated team to focus on expedited resolution of remaining paycheck issues in Northern California.

The Providence Mission calls us to care for all. This includes our caregivers. We are absolutely committed to doing everything we can to resolve the remaining outstanding issues as quickly as possible. We also remain profoundly grateful to our caregivers for their patience and for all they do to serve patients in need.

The informational picketing will have no effect on the high-quality care we provide to our patients. We are maintaining our hospital services, so we do not compromise our ability to care for the patients who are counting on us.”

The Staff Nurses Association has filed a complaint with the Labor Commissioner and now nurses are picketing to put pressure on Providence to get payroll issues fixed.

The hospital says this informational picketing from 7 a.m.-3 p.m. will not effect the patient care today. All hospital services will continue.