OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – For nearly a week, families in Oakland have been unable to go home because of flooding. Residents of an apartment complex tell KRON4 they’re frustrated as they have been stuck at a hotel with no answers as to when they can return home.

The flooding happened over New Year’s Eve at the Coliseum Connections apartments in East Oakland. Last weekend’s strong storm knocked out the power and displaced dozens of families, including schoolkids whose schedules and structures have been thrown out of whack.  

Flood water is taking over the lobby and the garage. Dozens of families have been forced from their homes for nearly a week.

“It’s been tumultuous at the least and it’s like uncertainty,” said displaced resident Jasmine Braggs. 

Braggs is one of those displaced residents who has been living at a nearby hotel. She says many Oakland school kids and their families have had to stay there as well, and it’s been challenging.

“You have kids that are used to being in their homes, their own rooms, areas to play and they don’t have that. They are stuck in a hotel room and it’s not a vacation for us. It’s not Disneyland,” she said.

The floodwaters over New Year’s Eve also destroyed several residents’ cars, forcing people to find other modes of transportation. As for the conditions of their apartments, many still do not know.

Braggs says during the day she has been making trips back and forth to get clothing and other items. But without any answers about when they can return home, Braggs says residents are trying to come together to support each other.

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“If the city doesn’t come or if anybody doesn’t come we’re gonna come together as a community,” she said.

Without any ability to cook in their hotel rooms, displaced families have had to depend on the Alameda County Community Food Bank while also getting help through a website called “Meal Train.”

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