OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — Every day, people are stepping up to donate masks to health care workers.

This includes the owner of “Nathan & Company.”

The modern general store has two locations in Oakland — one on College and another on Piedmont Avenue — which is right next to Kaiser in Oakland.

Owner Nathan Waldon said while his stores are closed, he worked with a supplier in China to get 10,000 masks to give to Kaiser.

“They are our great neighbors, thousands of people that go to work at that campus everyday. They are very generous to us, they are our friends and our customers. They are our neighbors, you have to take care of neighbors,” Waldon said. “These doctors, nurses, administrators, chefs and house keepers shop with us everyday. We just needed to feel like we were doing something to help them because they’ve always been there for us.”

Kaiser says it is grateful for the donation.

The 10,000 masks are set to arrive on Monday.

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