OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – A mob of burglars using a U-Haul pick-up truck to ram through the metal barriers of a pharmacy in Oakland’s Chinatown.

Thousands of dollars in damage racked up in just seconds.

Carl Chan spoke to KRON 4 on the situation, saying, “It is so unbelievable. Many pharmacies in the area are being targeted”

Chinatown Chamber of Commerce President Chan says this crime happened around three o’clock Thursday morning.

It was the second time the business’ owner had been hit by burglars in the past week. 

A crowbar was used to break into his other pharmacy at Pacific Renaissance Plaza early Tuesday morning, but this time the crime was much more destructive.

sot: “we are extremely sad to see that we are being targeted, and not only hurting our sales directly on the street but they are also targeting small businesses.”

The burglars at both drugstores stole mostly cough syrup and other over the counter medications. 

Chan says these particular pharmacies cater primarily to Chinatown’s seniors. 

Chan suggests the police keep an eye on these types of businesses, especially late at night.

He says, “the entire city of Oakland, you know, many small businesses are already suffering, when we are seeing these types of attacks, it is hurting all of us.”