(KRON) — A stretch of MacArthur Boulevard in Oakland will soon be named after a hip-hop legend. The Oakland City Council voted on Tuesday to create “Tupac Shakur Way” near Lake Merritt.

The stretch of MacArthur Boulevard between Grand Avenue and Van Buren Avenue will be named after Shakur. The area is near Lake Merritt and the Grand Lake Theater.

While hip-hop fans may know Shakur for his Los Angeles roots, he spent time in the Bay Area as well. According to the Mercury News, he lived in an apartment at 275 MacArthur Boulevard. That is just north of the street that will be named after him.

According to late rapper Shock G, who worked with Tupac on his album “2Pacalypse Now,” the MacArthur Boulevard apartment was famous among Shakur’s friends for his propensity to let trash pile up.

“At Tupac’s first apartment [MacArthur Boulevard, Oakland], the stack of dirty dishes in the sink was so high it would lean against the refrigerator, while the pile of pizza boxes and take-out containers towering from his big outdoor-style garbage can would do the same on the opposite side. Sometimes, it would get so tall that it met the loose junk on top—cereal boxes, magazines, baskets of snacks, papers—and formed a rainbow of garbage. For real too. Ask Man Man or Mopreme, or especially Mouse or Saafir, they both lived there with him at different times. Like any of the truly prolific geniuses throughout history, Pac’s weirdo traits were just as extreme,” he told Wax Poetics.

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Tupac was born in Harlem, NY and lived in Baltimore, MD before coming to the Bay Area. He lived in Marin City in addition to Oakland. He was killed in Las Vegas at age 25 in 1996 after he attended a Mike Tyson fight.

Shakur joins other Oakland legends such as Black Panther co-founder Huey Newton and rapper Too $hort to have streets named after them in the town.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.