OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf and city councilmembers addressed the city’s police shortage on Monday. 

They gave KRON4 an idea of what will be done in the coming months to address an increase in crime. 

Oakland’s current budget freezes an additional 50 positions in the police department.

Mayor Schaff says she’s proposing a reversal of that as well as stopping any cuts from the city’s police force.” 

A public health crisis — That’s what Oakland’s city leaders say they are dealing with when it comes to gun violence.

“Our businesses, our community are grappling to understand how they will get through as we come in these remaining days of the year,” councilmember Treva Reid said.  

Police say the most recent victim was a man who was shot and killed while trying to be a good samaritan at Lake Merritt Sunday afternoon.

“The victim interrupted an auto robbery in progress and was shot by the passenger in the suspect vehicle,” police officer Kim Armstead said.  

The suspect drove away in a black Toyota Rav4 according to police, who are offering a $10,000 reward for information that leads to arrest.

While investigators work to solve the city’s 127th homicide of the year, Mayor Schaff says steps are being done to prevent another senseless death.

“We will not only budget a police over 678 officers, but in fact maintain those minimal staffing levels,” Mayor Schaaf said.  

Mayor Schaaf says the city will be making the case to reverse police budget cuts and hiring freezes that are scheduled to start in 8 months.

She plans on taking a closer look at the city’s bail policy, the amount of time it takes for cases to go to trial, as well as the ability to use the city’s ceasefire policy to its full extent. 

“Which include the threat of punishment if services and compliance with the message of peace and freedom are not taken up,” Mayor Schaaf said.  

Mayor Schaff says a hiring plan for new officers will be brought in front of the council by Friday.