OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — The city of Oakland is getting tough on the sideshows. A new measure is close to becoming law that would allow the city to go after those responsible for holding and participating in the reckless events.

“Enough is enough.”

Those were the words of Oakland city council member Dan Kalb. Those illegal dangerous driving events happen all too often in the East Bay city.

In a unanimous vote Tuesday, the council passed a new ordinance that would make it a crime to organize and facilitate a sideshow, along with several other measures to try and decimate the problem.

“You can get fined, or jail time, mostly a fine, but they can add up and they are not going to be cheap,” Kalb said.

At the beginning of the month, the Oakland Police Department towed more than 80 cars after a sideshow. Kalb says having to deploy officers to help break up sideshows affects public safety.

“If they are there, then OPD officers can’t respond to a burglary,” Kalb said.

Councilmember Kalb says he fought to give the ordinance additional teeth by allowing not only incorporating criminal penalties but giving the city the authority to assess fines and compensation for damages.

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“OPD in 2021 spent $2 million on resources to go after sideshows,” said Oakland Deputy City Administrator Joe Devries.

Devries says the public danger sideshows consume valuable resources.

The city will have a final vote on the ordinance in June, and Kalb says it can go into effect immediately.