OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — In the East Bay, thieves broke into an Oakland cannabis dispensary for the second time in just six months early Saturday morning. The dispensary captured the whole thing on surveillance video and believes it was the same suspects from the first time.

Ivy Hill Cannabis spoke exclusively with KRON4.

“It’s like the wild west. It feels like it’s just another level,” said owner Hilary O’Brien.

Hilary O’Brien is frustrated and disappointed that thieves targeted her Oakland dispensary.

O’Brien says the suspects seen in this surveillance video broke in using a stolen Chevy truck and backed into the storefront, just like they did the first time around in February.

However, this time didn’t go as planned, thanks to new security measures inside the store.

“All of that effort and risk that they took was for nothing, and we opened almost damn near on time anyway,” O’Brien said.

O’Brien says lessons learned from the first break-in helped them fix the storefront and reopen the same day. While the thieves didn’t make off with products like last time, she says they caused about $70,000 in damages once again — a huge hit to the business.

“I don’t think that they’re stealing from who they think they’re stealing from,” O’Brien said. “It’s us. It’s the community. There’s no owners. There’s not rich people in a bathtub going like this. There’s 20 folks keeping a dream alive on a hope and a prayer doing something we think is awesome for the community.”

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This is a common situation for many of the dispensaries that have been burglarized recently in the Bay Area. O’Brien says it’s hard to recoup from something like this with little support from leadership.

“Hoping somebody somewhere in the city of Oakland is listening, can see and figure out a way to move past this and not expect that every couple of months a car is going to drive through,” O’Brien said. “I don’t have any more insurances to drive through. It’s just going to be one big boarded-up storefront.”