OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – Concerns about safety are mounting in the city of Oakland as police investigate two homicides and nearly a dozen shootings that happened in just a 13-hour span.

The two killings happened in the overnight hours of Friday morning, but the violence continued into the next day, leaving another 8 people wounded.

Four of those people were shot on a cul de sac off Lake Merritt.

Some neighbors have been complaining about loud overnight parties and want more police enforcement.

In a statement, Oakland city council president Nikki Bas says they take safety concerns very seriously in the Lakeshore Avenue Cul de Sac.

And points to the installation of speedbumps and the no parking zone as steps that have been taken to combat the late-night gatherings.

One neighbor says the speed bumps have helped.

But another neighbor posted a message on Nextdoor complaining about the parking zone, “So parking enforcement is going to drive by at 3 a.m. handing out tickets? It means all the spaces are just ready for as many people who want to to come and party all night.”

A consultant working on behalf of some Lakeshore residents agrees that the no-parking zone isn’t worth much without enforcement.

“The problem is the party starts well before 2 and nobody is going to leave just because 2 oclock came about especially when they know there is no enforcement of that ordinance.”

Oakland police and crime stoppers are posting a 20,000 dollar reward for information leading to an arrest in a shooting on Lakeshore and up to $5,000 for each of the other shootings during these very violent few days.

The oakland city council president also says her office is working to set up a community meeting in the wake of the violence.

And there is also a neighborhood crime prevention council meeting at 6:30 Wednesday nigh for residents to get their concerns heard.