Oakland firearms instructor says recent increase in clients is due to racial tensions across US

Bay Area

OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — An East Bay firearms instructor says racial tension across the country has led to a major increase in students.

And as KRON4’s Haaziq Madyun has learned, the majority of the new students are Black women.

“The front sight and the rear sight are in alignment of the target,” Anthony Dart said.

Anthony Dart of Akoben firearm safety training in Oakland is a certified firearms instructor. He says over the past three years his business was rather modest but has recently seen a major increase in students.

“Since the murder of George Floyd, it went up about 80%,” Dart said. “We do home invasion drills, ambush drills and show you how to protect yourself in those types of scenarios.”

The majority of his new clients are African American women.

“Right now, there’s a lot of women that has come into the class,” Dart said.

“I have never shot a gun or held a firearm ever,” Jamie Jones said.

KRON4 news producer Jamie Jones is one of Dart’s new students. She talked about what motivated her to take his class.

“Just looking at the things that were going around the country, the killing of Black people, I felt like this was important for me to do,” she said. “What really broke my heart was Breonna Taylor who was shot in her own home. That could have been me.”

So how did it feel after taking the two day firearm safety training class?

“The more that we got into the training, I felt a lot more comfortable with what I was doing,” Jones said. “I felt more confident. I felt empowered.”

That’s mission accomplished for Anthony Dart.

“I want to get the person competent, get that fear out of them,” Dart said. “So when we get to the range they know what to do.”

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