(KRON) — Goats have become a commonly employed firefighting tool, helping firefighters to clear brush that can be burned as fuel in wildfires. This week, a group of Oakland firefighters returned the favor by helping out some goats that were trapped in the vicinity of a wildfire.

The firefighters were deployed as members of a California Office of Emergency Services strike team deployed to fight wildfires in Northern California, according to a tweet from the Oakland Fire Department. While deployed near the Klamath National Forest, the firefighters came across some goats that had become trapped in a fence line.

The firefighters took time out from their firefighting duties to free the goats from the fence.

“Several OFD members successfully rescued some of our furry friends that became trapped in a fence line near the Klamath National Forest,” Oakland FD said in a tweet.

Photos accompanying the tweet showed a firefighter freeing one of the goats after its horns seemingly got snared in the fencing.

Wildfires burning in the northern part of the state near California’s border with Oregon have burned nearly 48 square miles, triggered PG&E power cuts and impacted air quality in the Bay Area.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.