OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – Oakland business owners are pleading for help from the community after their shop was vandalized three separate times. The break-ins led to costly repair bills and concern for their employees.

It happened at “Got Juice,” a local hangout opened by Brendon McCoy and his highschool friend. 

“We are Oakland natives,” McCoy said. “We went to Oakland schools. We’re products of this place so we don’t want to believe it’s coming from this community, because we know so many people. It is bewildering because you don’t know where it is coming from.”

McCoy says after the first break-in, they beefed up security. Then, after the second time, they put in a reinforced door.

“They finally went through the window… Blood all over,” he said. “ I am concerned for safety. We have young people opening and closing the business.”

McCoy said they have reached out to police, but realize they are busy with other crimes in the city far more serious theirs.

“We are not a corporation,” McCoy said. “We are local. We feel it. It hurts. We don’t have a stockpile of money. It is a lot and inconvenient.”

He hopes that sharing his story will better his luck and prevent further break-ins.