OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – Two days of illegal sideshows over the weekend were met with ramped-up police enforcement. 

However, an Oakland city council member is open to re-imagining a non-police solution to this ongoing problem.

You’re looking at video of vehicles being directed off southbound 880 in Oakland Saturday. 

Video shows patrol cars with their lights flashing waiting for them to exit. OPD says these cars were coming into town to participate in illegal sideshows but these vehicles got stopped before it could happen. 

Sunday the sideshow enforcement continued. 

“Fortunate for us the city council funding to deploy a full-time sideshow detail on the weekends. They were able to tow 24-vehicles, arrest 8-people, and recover 3-firearms,” Chief LeRonne Armstrong said. 

The chief talks about the key role the Oakland police helicopter played in this weekend’s sideshow enforcement.

“It helps prevent us from engaging in pursuits. Pursuits can be dangerous. They pose a risk to the public. When you have a helicopter you can follow vehicles that you ultimately will seek to tow at a later date,” Armstrong said. 

“And then also the other part is creating alternatives for our youth and our young people so they can be more engaged and have safe ways of getting out their energy and their creativity,” Councilmember Loren Taylor said. 

While he applauds OPD’s sideshow enforcement efforts Oakland City Councilmember Loren Taylor says he is open to finding a non-police solution to this age-old problem.

“You know in my part of the town we used to have roller skating rinks. We used to have Malibu Grand Prix, different venues, and events for our young people to go to. I offered up that I would gladly offer up land to be used if someone comes up with model that they want to deploy such an event,” Taylor said. 

Until that happens it is a law enforcement issue.

“The enforcement effort has been raised. Our officers are prepared to manage these events, and that we are going to respond,” Chief Armstrong said.