(KRON) — Oakland Fire Chief Dr. Reginal D. Freeman announced his impending resignation on Wednesday following the firing earlier this year of Oakland Chief of Polie LeRonne Armstrong. The latest developments leave the East Bay city without heads of two of its most significant departments. The departures also mean the city has two major job openings to fill, even as Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao moves to implement a hiring freeze as part of an effort to balance the city budget.

So what sort of salaries do the city’s two biggest open positions pay? In case you’re thinking of applying, KRON4 looked into public data available at public pay and pension database Transparent California and the City of Oakland website and these are the numbers we came up with.

Oakland Chief of Police

According to data on Transparent California, in 2021, former Oakland Chief of Police LeRonne Armstrong earned $261,988 in regular pay and $64,703 in other pay. With total benefits of $174,348, Armstrong’s total pay and benefits amounted to $501,040.45

A job posting from the City of Oakland for Chief of Police puts the salary as between $296,633 and $306,555 annually. Key initiatives and priorities for the job include:

  • Delivering safety and crime prevention in Oakland, prioritizing violent crimes and serious felonies
  • Rebuilding the trust between Oakland residents and OPD
  • Developing policies and policy materials to address and eradicate the Department’s role in racial profiling

Oakland Fire Chief

According to Transparent California, in 2021, Oakland Fire Chief Dr. Reginal D. Freeman earned $164,521 in regular pay and an additional $28,955 in other pay. With benefits of $15,658, Freeman’s total pay and benefits on the job were around $209,135.

It should be noted that Freeman was appointed in April of 2021 so the numbers listed reflect only a partial salary, presumedly.

There’s currently no job listing on Oakland’s website for Fire Chief, since Freeman only just announced his resignation. According to a listing of Oakland city salaries, the Fire Chief position pays between approximately $193,000 and $297,000 a month.

There are also several pages of job openings listed on the city website that include everything from part-time Parks and Recreation employee to Deputy City Attorney. It’s not clear yet how Oakland Mayor Sheng Thaos’s proposed hiring freeze will impact the hiring process.