OAKLAND (KRON) — A hate filled remark stains the side of Dontae Moore’s car. The racial slur spray painted in red was hard for him to stomach.

“I was hurt by it I was upset. You know it was a lot of emotions,” he said.

The East Oakland native says on April 23 he went out for a run and came back to find his car had been vandalized.

The n-word was tagged along the driver side front and back doors.

Moore says he couldn’t believe this type of racist act would happen in Oakland.

“I know whoever did this, they did it out of ignorance,” he said. “You know I wish they would think of a different way. You know it’s not about the color of people’s skin but you know we going from the heart these days you know.”

Embarrassed to be seen driving in his car — Moore has been taking an AC Transit bus with his son to get around.

Moore says he forgives the person who did this and shortly after seeing the slur, he says he prayed and then placed a bible on top of his car.

The next day he found a note inside. It was from an anonymous 7th grader inspired by the bible on top of his car.

“I knew that my prayers was answered and it was all gonna work out once I seen that,” he said.

As word spread, a GoFundMe page was set up to help restore Moore’s car, the campaign has exceeded its $1,700 goal.

Moore says the community action has helped show that Oakland is no place for hate.

“We just gonna continue to be positive you know and just positive vibes,” he said. “We not gonna let this stop us. In the Bay Area you know we too strong we gonna continue to stand up for each other.”

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