OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf gave her condolences and thoughts on the death of KRON4 security guard Kevin Nishita during a press conference Monday afternoon addressing gun violence in the city.

Nishita was shot Wednesday while protecting a KRON4 reporter on assignment in Oakland. He died in a hospital Saturday from his injuries.

“Kevin Nishita is someone who dedicated his life to keeping others safe, as well as supporting a free press, which is a cornerstone to a healthy democracy,” Schaaf said. “It is unbelievably tragic that he lost his life in performance of those duties and those ideals.”

“We extend our grief to the friends and family to the huge community that we loved and benefitted from the service of Kevin Nishita,” Schaaf added.

An assailant tried to steal KRON4’s camera equipment, according to police. Nishita was shot in the lower abdomen trying to protect the reporter and the equipment.

Oakland Councilmember Loren Taylor had an opportunity to meet Nishita who he said had a warm and inviting smile.

“My heart broke when I initially learned of the passing,” Taylor said. “The pain and the sense of loss gets even more pronounced the more I learn about him and his life.”

Prior to serving as a security guard for Star Protection Agency, Nishita served as a police officer in Oakland, Hayward, San Jose, and Colma.