OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — After a violent few days in Oakland in which four people have been fatally shot in just two days, candidates in the Oakland mayor’s race have weighed in on the outbreak of gun violence.

Loren Taylor

“Bottom line is that I have been consistent when it comes to public safety my entire tenure. I haven’t flip-flopped like some of my colleagues on the council. I always maintained we need a ‘both-and solution’ that ensures we prioritize the safety of our residents, while also moving toward a more equitable and just system. When it comes to staffing and bringing the appropriate resources, I believe that we can adequately staff our officers, our police department, and our department of violence prevention.”

“When there were calls to defund the police department by $25 to $50 million, I stood on the opposite side of my mayor candidate Councilmember Thao, because I knew that residents both needed to be safe and move to a more equitable and just public safety system. I simply didn’t go along with the flow or the loud voices in the room. What it says is that they’re confident in my plan, my vision, my capabilities, to really lead this amazing city forward in the turbulent times that we are currently in and facing ahead.”

Tyron Jordan

“Last month  I just read about the woman, who was shot in her home; near Oakland’s Little Saigon. If a person is not safe in their own home, where IS one safe? Home should be a sanctuary from all the violence that is going on in the community. Also horrendous is the woman who was shot and killed in the Chinatown area recently.” 

“I think that community based programs such as the MACRO ( Mobile Assistance Community Responders of Oakland) program ( although still in its initial stage), and the Ambassadors, strolling Chinatown; are good ideas. These programs must greatly expanded.” 

“Although this will not prevent crimes from taking place, it will discourage those who are considering committing crimes, to think twice; if they they are being witnessed.   The police force must be fully funded. However, there are those who are pressing for more police officers. My problem with that approach  is that I am not aware of a correlation between the number of police officers; and it’s impact on being a  deterrent of crime.”

“Another aspect of violent crimes: WAY too many guns out there; and too easily accessible; and falling in the hands of those who really should not be in possession of a firearm. Guns must be taken out of the hands of those who have no business possessing them. As a military veteran, I am quite knowledgeable about guns,  and know how destructive they can be. Personally, I don’t own a gun, and not likely to. Crime, like the housing crisis, needs to be treated as a crisis; with the building of coalitions and all hands on deck. Because it is indeed a crisis.” 

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Ignacio Delafuente

“September 20, 2022 I want to offer my deepest condolences to all the victims of gun violence in the last 12 hours which have resulted in four lives lost, multiple people fighting for their lives and many families lives changed. I also want to offer my pledge that I am committed to developing, implementing and operationalizing a plan to immediately address reducing and sustaining lower incidents of gun violence all in a way that protects our community from violent individuals and negative police tactics from the past.”

“It was not long ago when I served on the city council that Oakland was internationally recognized for its best practices in reducing crime. The city and OPD had found a way to go into communities that needed them the most but trusted them the least. Now, due to failed policies, reckless implementation of defunding the police and lack of city leadership, we are at the precipice of disaster in Oakland.”

“My promise is I will not be complicit in this disaster and my words and actions will align for us to have a safer community once again. Enough is enough!”

Seneca Scott

“The recent few days of violence are a terrifying reminder of Oakland’s slipping grasp on even basic rule of law. Nine-one-one response times are nearly 20 minutes, with 20 percent of calls being completely ignored. Meanwhile, our progressive City Council members who recently defunded OPD claim that ‘crime’s down,’ while routinely usurping advanced crime fighting measures, like the use of license plate readers just last week.” 

“When those of us living in this oppressive system can no longer compete financially, we begin to compete for moral superiority.  The result is purity pageantry and performative politics – desperate and angry neighbors feeling as if they have the right to take each other’s property, and even lives. To reverse course we need to make our actions match our ambitions to restore public safety to our streets. That means not just more support for OPD, but also building resilient neighborhoods where people feel more hopeful that tomorrow will be a brighter day. We deserve better.” 

Treva Reid

“I was deeply disturbed to see our week begin with back-to-back killings—four lives taken by gun violence in less than 2 days. It’s deeply painful for the families suffering this senseless and heartbreaking lost. We must increase resources available to address the tragic impact of gun violence in our community. We cannot tolerate this continued blatant disregard for life, especially when we’ve vowed our motto is to “Love Life.”

Sheng Thao

“We don’t need words or rhetoric, we need action and results. We deserve better and we need a Mayor who is determined and who knows how to get results.”  

“We need to double the homicide investigation unit. I am working with Chief Armstrong now on ways we can do that including bringing back retired officers. These officers are qualified to work in investigations and augment our existing police force. Too many murderers are allowed to remain free; it should be no surprise that more murders occur as a result.” 

“We need to increase our task force work with neighboring cities and with the county. Including the sharing of resources such as forensic labs and other equipment.”  

“We need to enhance our 911 dispatch. People should get a person and a response when they call 911. I’m developing plans now with our rank and file workers so that once I am Mayor we can expedite the hiring process and fill the vacancies, not just in 911 dispatch but other departments as well.” 

“We also need to address root causes and that means doubling the investment in the Department of Violence Prevention and Ceasefire. We have to do more.”

“While our sworn officers work to hold these violent criminals accountable for their heinous actions I have been working diligently to provide them more resources and support, including with new police academies, new staffing and hiring incentives, and new and innovative gun buyback strategies.”

“I stepped up to become Council President Pro Tempore last year because I saw a lack of leadership on public safety. Since then I have worked to secure millions of dollars in investments into public safety for both police and prevention. Now, we need to ensure these investments are being used effectively.”

“My heart breaks for the families, friends, and loved ones of the Oaklanders who were killed this week and for the community members who lost their homes and precious keepsakes to these fires. I am so deeply sorry for your loss.”

“The status quo is not working and we desperately need a change in direction. We deserve better.”