OAKLAND (KRON) — Oakland Pastor Anthony Jenkins says his church is currently renovating a house to provide low income housing for the teachers of Oakland as the possibility of a strike inches closer.

“They need our help. These are our students. These are our teachers and yes, this is our school board and it is time to resolve this matter,” Jenkins said.

As a possible Oakland teacher strike looms, Taylor Memorial United Methodist Church Pastor Jenkins says he will open the doors to students during the day if the Oakland Education Association calls for a strike.

Providing a place for the students to go during the day, Jenkins says, makes it so parents can continue to work. He’ll also provide free lunch and snacks for the students and housing for teachers.

“The money has come in, we are getting ready to redo the house,” Jenkins said. “We are going to put three bedrooms in there and it’s going to be a low income house for teachers of Oakland.”

Oakland educators are fighting for smaller class sizes, more student resources and a living wage and have been protesting for quite some time now — and in negotiations for a year and a half.

“They deserve their raise, but they also deserve a hand from the community,” he said.