OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — Reports of postal robberies have been popping up all over the state in recent months.

The Oakland Police Department has reported seeing a rise in these robberies, especially as Californians continue to receive Middle Class Tax Refunds in the mail.

The most recent postal robbery in Oakland occurred Tuesday. Wednesday, another postal worker reported being robbed in Vallejo, during which the suspects stole mail keys.

OPD officials said in several cases, armed suspects approach a postal worker, threaten them at gunpoint and demand postal keys. Some also try and grab some mail from the mail trucks before fleeing the scene.

OPD said they are investigating every case and have made arrests in one of them. OPD officials said that they will be deploying extra officers to areas of the city that have been most impacted by mail thieves.

In Campbell on Saturday, police arrested two suspects allegedly in possession of mail keys and several pieces of mail containing personally identifiable information commonly used in mail theft.

OPD added that one of the reasons thieves may be targeting mail is due to the California Middle Class Tax Refunds that are often sent through the mail.

Officials advise residents to reduce the risk of having mail stolen by:

  • Picking up mail promptly after delivery
  • Getting a locking mailbox
  • Requesting any checks or tax returns electronically
  • Handing outgoing mail directly to the carrier or taking to a mailbox or post office
  • Inquiring about overdue mail or packages
  • Reporting any suspected mail theft to local authorities

If you have been a victim of mail theft or have any information regarding a mail theft, call 510-238-3326.