OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – The Oakland Chief of Police held a press conference to talk about the results of a 30-day operation aimed at reducing violent crime. But were the results good enough to keep the operation going for another 30 days?

Chief LeRonne Armstrong said at the press conference, “Because of the violence we were experiencing, I challenged my command staff to bring a different approach to addressing gun violence with a goal of making an impact on public safety immediately.”

It was throwing everything but the kitchen sink crime reduction formula, over the past 30 days in the city of Oakland. Chief Armstrong said, “We implemented an all-hands-on deck strategy.” 

And the results are in. Chief Armstrong says, “Over that four-week period we reduced the number of shootings and homicides in Oakland.” The Chief says nine lives were lost over the last four weeks, which is lower than the 17 homicides during the previous 30-days.

He says there were more results, less shootings. Chief Armstrong said Tuesday, “Our shootings are down 25% compared to last year at this time.”

Chief Armstrong says removing illegal guns and those who use them from the community was a major focus for OPD resources during this period. He said, “Over the past four weeks, our officers from our ceasefire division, from our violent crimes operations division, and from our patrol operations division have recovered 82 firearms.”

OPD investigators arrested 120 people for shootings and violent crimes across the city. Chief Armstrong explained, “I also added an additional traffic enforcement team. I added eight additional officers to our criminal investigations division. We also have continued to work closely with the Alameda County auto-theft task force. We deployed an officer to that detail as well.”

The impact of having all-hands-on-deck reducing violent crime has inspired Chief Armstrong to run-it-back for another 30 days. He says OPD resources will continue to focus on group and gang violence.

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Chief Armstrong also mentioned that OPD received a $1.8 million grant from the Department of Justice that will be used to hire an additional 15 officers to help the city fight crime.