OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – After another violent weekend, Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong continues to plead with the community to stop the violence.

The police chief said Monday that it was a violent weekend all around but especially during a 10-hour period on Saturday when there were more than two dozen incidents — Most of which they’re still investigating.

Chief LeRonne Armstrong says that 10 hour period started around 3 p.m. on Saturday when police were called to an armed carjacking and robbery.

They followed the suspect to several locations. At one point, the person shot at officers.

It came to an end here at the 5900 block of Ocean View Drive.

“The suspect then exited the vehicle armed with a firearm. Officers gave the suspect a command to drop the gun. OPD officers then discharged their duty firearm and the suspect was struck,” Chief Armstrong said.

The suspect was transported to the hospital and died from their injuries. Two officers fired their guns and both are on paid administrative leave.

“We were trying to manage over 300 calls for service,” Chief Armstrong said.

Those calls included robberies, looting, and hundreds of vehicles involved in illegal sideshows.

Citizen video shows one of the sideshows. There were other shootings, including one that led to the 124th homicide of the year. The victim was 17-years-old.

Chief Armstrong says they’re already preparing for next weekend.

“I want to be clear, we’re not going to tolerate this kind of activity in the city of Oakland. We are going to respond,” Chief Armstrong said.

Chief Armstrong says they will have teams deployed across the city but he says it can’t be just the responsibility of the police to solve this level of crime.

He says they need help.

“I’m asking councilmembers to step up and start having a conversation about the loss of life in this city. There is a clear problem in this city,” Chief Armstrong said.

The Oakland Police Department continues to have staffing problems.

The chief says one night, 11 of 35 beats weren’t covered but he moved people around and extended shifts to fill in the gaps.