OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong sent a letter Tuesday to the city’s mayor and police commission demanding he be reinstated after being placed in administrative leave last month. Oakland’s new mayor, Sheng Thao placed Armstrong on paid leave back on Jan. 19, citing his handling of officer misconduct investigations.

While Armstrong maintains he has done nothing wrong, the mayor wants the city’s independent oversight bodies to review the matter before she makes any final decision on the chief’s future. 

The letter sent to the mayor is confidential, but in a statement Chief Armstrong said:

“The letter is a detailed, comprehensive analysis of the flaws in the report’s conclusions about me by a law firm working for the federal monitor. The facts demonstrate that I acted properly, following all policies and procedures. I did nothing wrong.” 

Armstrong went on to say, “I deserve to be reinstated to protect the public and to protect my well-earned reputation.”

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The mayor’s decision to bench Chief Armstrong has been met with anger from a wide cross-section of Oakland’s community. There have been numerous rallies calling for the chief’s immediate reinstatement. On Tuesday, there was one outside Oakland police headquarters.  Families of murder victims were among those who spoke out in favor of the chief’s reinstatement.