OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — The Oakland Police Department will extend a crime plan that it says has coincided with a dip in homicides since it was put in place. OPD has been using the strategy since Sept. 27, 2022, and it will stay in place through the end of the calendar year.

The original intent of the “all hands on deck” strategy was to limit violent crime. With the holidays looming, the department will also focus on making shopping safer in December.

“You will see a higher presence of officers where we know people come to shop, dine, and enjoy our city. Also, we will remain laser-focused on addressing homicides and shootings in Oakland,” said OPD Chief LeRonne Armstrong.

OPD reported that there were 29 homicides in Oakland in the 60 days before the crime plan was announced. In the 60 days since, that number is nearly half the size.

While OPD has not revealed the specifics of what the plan entails, Armstrong said in October that addressing gun violence has been a main focus. In addition to homicides decreasing, Armstrong said the department is also attempting to get illegal guns off the street.

“Because of the violence we were experiencing, I challenged my command staff to bring a different approach to addressing gun violence with a goal of making an impact on public safety immediately,” he said in October.

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OPD was also awarded $1.8 million from the United States Department of Justice to hire 15 more officers.