OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – It’s a night that’s loved and feared, enchanted and bewitched. Now, the Oakland Police Department has provided a list of tips for trick-or-treaters and drivers who want to stay safe on All Hallow’s Eve.

Police also provided a separate list of tips for revelers with a sweet tooth.


  • Remain aware of your surroundings at all times
  • Pay attention to what’s in front of you while walking around; don’t be distracted by electronic devices
  • Pay attention to traffic
  • Walk in well-lit, populated areas when possible
  • Follow the rules of the road by crossing only in crosswalks and obeying traffic signals and signs
  • Make eye contact with drivers and don’t assume they’ll see you
  • Wear bright clothing and reflective material where possible.


  • The No. 1 piece of advice is to look out for pedestrians
  • Slow down, yield and be prepared to stop
  • When backing up be cautious, as young children can be hard to see

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Candy tips

  • The No. 1 piece of advice is “when in doubt throw it out.” Throw away any candy not fully wrapped.
  • Small, hard candy shouldn’t be given to children, who can easily choke on it.

Public Information Officer Kim Armstead hopes that people “have an enjoyable and safe Halloween.”