OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — It was another violent weekend in Oakland. The city has now reached at least 37 homicides so far this year after two possibly-related shooting deaths Saturday morning.

Police say the shooting happened near the 900 block of 77th Avenue, which is blocks away from the RingCentral Coliseum.

”The biggest fear that I have is that it becomes the norm for some of us,” said Oakland City Council Member Noel Gallo. ”Last night, the helicopter was flying over my home, my yard with their lights on and in the neighborhood and the night before that well same thing was happening.”

When they arrived at the scene near 77th Avenue, police say they found a victim bleeding from a gunshot wound. That victim later died on scene.

Police say a short time later, a second victim was dropped off at a nearby hospital, but that person also died from their gunshot wounds.

Gallo, who was born and raised in Oakland, says the city has had its fair share of crime, but he’s definitely noticed an increase in violence.

“It’s an ongoing challenge and I think those of us here in Oakland, certainly, we need to stand up, rise up to not only support our police department but also some of these young people on the street,” Gallo said. “Now with this gang activity has really risen.”

Oakland police are also investigating another shooting that happened around 4 p.m. Saturday near the 700 block of International Boulevard. They say the victim is in critical condition.

Gallo, who’s also on the public safety committee, believes police staffing shortages and the loosening of bail fees are part of the problem leading to increased crime.

“The only thing some of us growing up in the neighborhood, the only thing we understand is pushback,” Gallo said. “I think the reality is in Alameda County, in California, due to the pandemic and some of us feeling sorry for everybody, we released people onto the street. That’s impacting our children and families who are trying to make a living.”