OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – Oakland police are searching for suspects and answers in a string of weekend hate crimes.

From Saturday morning to Sunday night, police say a total of three hate crimes were reported, bringing the number of hate crimes in the city in recent weeks to five.

A map shows the locations of each reported incident.

Tacelia Senegal’s home has been in her family since the 70’s. She says she is a supporter of Black lives but didn’t have anything visible at her home that would make her an obvious target for a hate crime investigation and tonight she’s not alone.  

Senegal wants to know who would tag her home with messages that Oakland police are now investigating as a hate crime.

“’All lives matter. When you deface someone’s home the message that you’re trying to say, loses all value,”

Senegal says she was out of town when she got a call from a neighbor Sunday morning that her house was covered in graffiti tagged with the phrase ‘All Lives Matter,’ slurs against police and the phrase ‘F*** Love.’

“That to me hit my heart, because that’s what I’m about. I’m about love.” Because that’s what’s going to make us a better species,” 

Neighbors, family and friends have rallied around her. Most of the damage is covered.

“I’m smiling, because I want to cry but I’m just so tired of crying.”

But she’s not the only victim of a reported hate crime.

In fact, she’s among three now being investigated by OPD from the weekend.

Saturday morning, as Pride celebrations began, someone smashed the windows of the Oakland LGBTQ Center.

Sunday, a mannequin and sign were also tagged with messages. 

The incidents are among a recent string of race related crimes in Oakland.

Earlier this month, a noose was found hanging in a tree in Okaland.

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf discussed the recent crimes after the vandalism at the Oakland LGBTQ Center on Saturday.

“The idea that people think that hate is still not a reality, that we still have so much to fight for, for dignity, for justice, for people’s freedom, from fear and intimidation and violence. This is just a reminder of all the work that we have to do,” Schaaf said. 

As for those responsible for the damage at her home, Senegal” says this:

“I’d want to sit down and have the conversation. Why did you do this? What was the intent, so I can understand,” Senegal said. 

Senegal says after the incident, she now plans to proudly display Black Lives Matter signs at her home.

Oakland police are looking into the incidents. Anyone with information is urged to call them.

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